Match Play Week 1 Start (Year Long Event)

May 11, 2020, 07:00 AM — 07:00 AM
$17.70 - $17.70 Register
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Event details

This event is a double-knockout Match Play event that lasts almost the entire golf season.

Each participant must have a registered handicap as the event will use 75% of each person's handicap ie. If one player is an 8 handicap playing against a 20 handicap, the 8 becomes a 6 handicap and the 20 becomes a 15 handicap.

The entry fee of $20 (taxes included) must be paid by the end of May, or you will be disqualified.

Once the bracket is released you must get in contact with the member you are playing against to set up your match within the specified timeframe of that match (ex. the first match timeframe will be from May 11th until May 24th).

Once you get your first loss, you will be moved over to the "B" side. If you lose on the "B" side, you will be eliminated. This progresses until there is one person left in each bracket. The winner of the "B" side must defeat the winner of the "A" side in TWO 18-hole rounds in order to be crowned champion, the "A" side winner only has to win once.

This event is open to ALL players. Members playing matches outside their membership privileges will be charged the GolfPlan rate.

Depending on the number of registrations, at least the top 4 places will be paid out. When you register online, please leave a note with your handicap factor.

If you have any questions contact Kyle Coolen or Jerry Traer.

Good luck to all who participate!

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When and where

May 11, 2020
1281 Hwy 37, Corbyville, Ontario, K0K 1V0
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