Dodge Point Country Club

Hi welcome to dodge point Country club!

Welcome to Dodge Point Country Club where our owners and staff are committed to improving your golf experience while maintaining the small town friendly atmosphere that you expect from your local country club. You will see the improvements both inside and outside the doors of the clubhouse year after year. We’re very excited for the 3rd and final phase of the bunker project which will be completed this Spring, as the newly constructed bunkers from the 1st & 2nd phases have turned out amazing! They’re a great addition to the course, and we look forward to the continued upgrades in order to make Dodge Point Country Club one of the best courses in Southwest Wisconsin. Dodge Point Country Club’s Staff would like to thank all members and patrons that have aided in the recent success of “The Club.” Your support will continue to make Dodge Point Country Club one of the elite golf courses in Southwestern Wisconsin. Whether you want to play a round of golf, grab a bite to eat, or just have a drink at the bar, come in and experience the approachable ambiance of Dodge Point Country Club.