Mulligans Golf Course

Mulligans Golf Course

Mulligans is a picturesque executive length course surrounded by snow capped mountains and the Comox Valley glacier in the distance.

Maintained in superb condition year round, the course offers a challenge for golfers of all calibres known as "The Friendliest Little Course In The Valley". We are family oriented, have reasonable green fees, and the 9 hole layout is a favorite venue for group or company tournaments and family reunions. The average round takes approximately one and a half hours for those on a limited time schedule.

Every hole is unique and requires something different from your shot making repertoire. This is another feature that makes this course so special; when you finish your round you will likely be able to recall each hole very vividly as they are all very different in appearance as well as appealing in design to the eye.

The variety in design is evident in the way no two holes play alike. There are no boring holes at Mulligans, and each is as distinct and memorable as the last. The only characteristic the holes share is that each shot demands good thinking and precise execution.

No matter your style, Mulligans Golf Course is incredibly fun to play. And no matter how many times you play it, you will never get bored of it because you will never play any of the holes the same way twice.

Mulligans has the largest driving range on the north island (150 yards wide and 300 yards long) with 20 stalls (10 covered) and 5 target greens.

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