Mens Closing

September 23, 2023, 11:00 AM — 07:00 PM
$75.00 - $75.00 Sold Out
Online booking is not available for this event

Event details

Buffet breakfast

· Plated dinner

· Labatt Beverage 1 per participant


· 2 Man Shamble

· Must use 6 tee shots from both players

· Handicaps will be in play

· Take best tee shot and play your own ball into hole

· Net scores for flights and Gross Division

· Flights based on handicap

· Paramutal Betting

· Sign up online as a 4 some – 2 some or singles in which the shop will make groups


· Gross Flight from Blues

· Whites for majority

· Yellow/Red an option

· 18-hole Even

Registration / Ticket Options :


When and where

September 23, 2023
160 Alexandra St., Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 2C4
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