Greenskeeper revenge tournament

September 14, 2024, 09:00 AM — 03:00 PM
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Event details

Prepare yourself for the ultimate golfing challenge at the Greenskeeper Revenge Tournament at Angus Lea Golf Course! On September 14th, the course will be transformed into a gauntlet of diabolical pin placements, treacherous tee locations, and unexpected obstacles designed to test even the most skilled golfers. This isn't your average tournament—it's a battle of wits and skill against the cunning strategies of our greenskeepers.

Course Layout:

Our greenskeepers have pulled out all the stops to create a course that will push you to the limits. 


The Hardest Pin Locations: Pins will be placed in the most difficult and precarious spots on the greens, making precise putting an absolute necessity.

Challenging Tee Locations: Tee boxes will be set in unconventional and tricky positions, requiring strategic thinking and pinpoint accuracy off the tee.

Unexpected Obstacles: From strategically placed bunkers to water hazards and other surprise elements, the course will be filled with challenges that will keep you on your toes.

Tournament Format:

18-Hole Scramble 

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When and where

September 14, 2024
126 West Main Street, Hillsboro, New Hampshire, 03244
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